[Quick Fixes] Clan - Clan EP

"A trio of rock-loving lifelong friends hailing from Norwich, UK- guitarist/vocalist Matt Pearce, bassist Matt Rabong and drummer Ben Giller have been playing in various bands together for nearly ten years now.
We have combined our musical influences in Clan to bring you a record that will please fans of vintage fuzz, blues rock and dirty beats- a keen sense of vocal melody combined with grooving guitar/bass unison riffs and thunderous drums. At a recent gig, we were described as “The Dead Weather meets Deep Purple Mark II with a hint of Fu Manchu and Kyuss."

While Clan pay their respects in the 70's heavy sound, they beg to differ from many of the bands riding under the retro/vintage rock banner. Mostly because of their tight music writing and "home-brewed" ideas. Their completely DIY six-track EP definitely needs some attention. And guess what they're already working on their five next songs. Join the Clan!

by Thanos

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