Two-hour "lecture" with Stephen O'Malley

Today I watched a kind of interview -lecture? seriously?- of Stephen O'Malley in Red Bull Music Academy (I didn't have an idea  it existed). Even if I'm not fond of major companies getting involved in music, it was a very interesting discussion. Being two hours long, you'll get a deeper insight on O'Malley's perception not only in music but in art generally, as well as his background all these years and his involvement in various artistic projects. Although the host/interviewer was quite uninformed, not having the right details at some points and not being familiar with O'Malley's work (I doubt he had any touch before), fortunately he doesn't speak much, leaving O'Malley do the talking. A live Sunn O))) performance with Attila of course would be a great addition, just enough to make this hip, artistic, pretentious, yeah-your-music-is-so-deep-and-intellectual audience shit their pants. 

Further than that take your time and enjoy it. I can't embed it without permission so here is the link.

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