[Review] Hookworms - Pearl Mystic

I found out about Hookworms' latest work just a week ago. And it's an unfortunate event because this is a so fucking delicious album that I regret missing whole weeks without listening to it. Yes I may quite often get enthusiastic about an album but when it comes to records like this, it's my only choice. I mean I'm not making favors to any labels or bands neither I'm a music journalist (luckily). I started running a blog just to express my opinion and likes and propose some music which someone out there might dig. And bands like Hookworms is one of the reasons, I keep digging music.

I'd put Hookworms in the same category as Loop, Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized. First of all, "Pearl Mystic" features 9 songs with three of them working as a kind of prelude/introduction. The feeling you get listening the album is like it was recorded in one take. You know it has this intense jam aura. The almost 9 minute kicker "Away/Towards" sets the controls and your mood on fire. Having an intro close to 3 minutes, it builds the atmosphere and escalating to the psychotic orgy is about to take place. The almost Neu!-sque rhythm section provides the appropriate thick steadiness, giving space to the fuzzy guitar and vocals for creating a fest.

"Form & Function" is a 6 minute dynamite which mixes everything in one. Your brain get smashed in the guitar, drums melting your ears, vocals evaporate your face and the bass gives you the heart-beat of a swimmer on coke. Notice the completely Hawkwind-like backing vocals. "In Our Time" acts like a muscle relaxant, slowing down a bit to give you some air to breath. The bass once more delivers the good following the likes of Spacemen 3. "Since We Have Changed" continues in the same motive, having a Black Angels temper.

In "my" music I love pandemonium. When everything get baffled all together, producing a noisy mixture but  still everything is so clear. "Preservation" is one of these cases. If I had to choose only one track from "Pearl Mystic" it would probably be this one. If I had a gun pointing to my head... Alright? Alright.

"What We Talk About" has a touch of distorted 60's in it, walking us to the end of the record where one of the preludes/introductions waving us goodbye in a sea of mellow ambience.

Overall Hookworms is one of the most prominent, capable bands out there. And "Pearl Mystic" is one of the best album for this year. And besides music, they're a decent band who obviously put a lot of work in their music. Through time I have started to take much more in consideration where a band stands and their attitude towards their music, fans and generally all aspects of what they do. And Hookworms gain a lot of extra points in this field. Not that they need them after listening to "Pearl Mystic".... Anyway, if you're into Loop and Spacemen 3, I suggest you to give these guys a listen. "Pearl Mystic" was sold out but they already have a second pressing so be quick...

by Thanos

01. Away/Towards
02. Form & Function
03. I
04. In Out Time
05. Since We Have Changed
06. Preservation
07. II
08. What We Talk About
09. III

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