[Review] Abrahma - Through The Dusty Paths Of Our Lives

Abrahma is a band from France that released their debut in 2012. Through The Dusty Paths Of Our Lives is an album that carries the spirit of stoner metal with passion, there's no deny in that. Also, there are some psychedelic spots as well as a few metal elements. However, there are a few flaws that hold you a little back from the very start.
At first, let me say that this kind of music needs, among others, a vocalist with a rough voice who shall fit the heavy guitars and the overall feeling of an album of that kind. Well, I strongly believe that the man behind the mic should better sing in a heavy-power metal band! His singing is in key and he has a strong voice but the songs need a more raw vocal approach.

Another thing that grabbed my attention is the fact that there are a few songs that just don't belong in the album. While most of the tracks are in mid tempo and heavy (and are the best in the album), there are a few of them, the faster-paced ones, that spoil the whole effort as they sound more commercial, music for the masses that would only listen to the radio.

Other than those two facts, there is nothing bad to say about the album. The first positive anyone will notice is the sound. Clear and heavy, gives space to all instruments and allows the listener to enjoy the music which is really wonderful most of the time. Acoustic guitars here and there join the bass with pleasure and meet psychedelic stuff while the downtuned riffs make you shake your head with joy. Hats off to the guitarist! As I mentioned before, I enjoyed the slower tracks: "Honkin' Water Roof", "Headless Horse", "...Here Sleep Ghosts", "The Maze" and the instrumental "Omega" that closes the album are the best songs.

In conclusion, I must say that it is a rather pleasant record that would surely be much better if the aforementioned flaws wouldn't appear. All in all, I think many of you out there will enjoy it...

by Pijo

01. Alpha
02. Neptune Of Sorrow
03. Tears Of The Sun
04. Dandelion Dust
05. Honkin' Water Roof
06. Loa's Awakening (Prelude)
07. Vodun Pt.1 Samedi's Awakening
08. Big Black Cloud
09. Headless Horse
10. Vodun Pt.2 I, Zombie
11. Oceans On Sand...
12. ...Here Sleep Ghosts
13. Vodun Pt.3 Final Asagwe
14. The Maze
15. Omega

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