New Free Sampler By Electric Magic

Electric Magic is a relatively new label based in Germany where Christian Peters from Samsara Blues Experiment is involved. They have already released a few records including Heat's debut which is fantastic.
Currently they have on release-mode This Is Ghost Country's debut, Samsara Blues Experiment's "Live At Rockpalast", Terraplane's "Low Tide And Shockwave" and "Into The Unkown".... I hope I'll find time soon to post about them since Chris has already sent some promos... In the meanwhile get your hands on this great free sampler they put out and enjoy 10 heavy tunes.

From Electric Magic:
"This includes highlights of our label´s very recent outputs by House Of Aquarius, Heat and This Is Ghost Country as well as the soon to be released lysergic gems of Soulitude and the Suns Of Thyme. Further we included some very rare demo-versions and amazing contributions by friends of the label like Pater Nembrot, Dunst and others. Not to forget the free version of SBE´s "Midnight Boogie". All together these 10 bands will (hopefully) deliver you a 66 minute instant high. This time we also included a full CD-artwork, beautifully drawn by Lori at ParadiseParasite Artworks."

Download for free here and pay also a visit to Electric Magic website and facebook.

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