Cherries On A Blacklist Live Interview On Downtuned Radio

Tomorrow Sunday the 19th of May, on Downtuned Radio we have a special unscheduled radio show, having an interview with Cherries On A Blacklist. CoaB might not be playing exactly the kind of music we cover here on Downtuned but nevertheless they're an interesting band having released a cool debut titled "Lakafigo". Besides, they're good friends and the whole thing is going to help me revive the whole live interview thing I once started with Lizardia.

CoaB consist of three Greeks and a Mexican living in Hamburg and they released their debut last October. Having already on their back a tour in India and heading to Greece next week, they're making a stop at Downtuned Radio where we'll have the chance to discuss a lot of interesting things including the above mentioned Indian tour as well as about their own label, Grey Ham Records. Malapert (drums) and Gonzo (bass) will join me in our imaginary, web studio tomorrow at 18:00 (GMT +2)!

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