[Review] Koi Pond - So Higher

Koi Pond - So Higher
I found out about Koi Pond after a blog's friend suggestion (cheers Matt!) who told me that I definitely have to check out their release "So Higher". As I didn't know them I made some research to see what they're all about. And then came the first surprise. Koi Pond are from New York and is a musical outfit consisting of David Aron - a quite well known visual artist - on drums, Pete Vogl - an artwork designer for clothes as well as a member of Bow Ribbons - on synths and guitar and Arik Roper - yes see Sleep among others - on bass. Having three artists gathering together and jam is something at least interesting...

Koi Pond's debut "Volcano" was released by Night People Records in 2008 in cassette format and unfortunately I haven't found it yet... "So Higher" was released last year in vinyl and cassette by Sonic Meditations and it's a killer.  "Oayeeeia" is LP's first side track, a 21min epic, hauntingly beautiful piece of minimal kraut jam. In the beginning it has a droning intro, just enough to adjust your mind's frequencies and as Arik's bass grooves begin to kick in, then you know for sure that you'll be sucked in a fucking trip... As soon as bass and drums are synchronized, and in a way becoming a single entity as the track's wheel-turner, Pete is getting in the scenery unleashing his free-synth explorations. And just like that...Baaam! Simply amazing. Through minimalism, repetition and cosmic grooves, they lead us to a blissed out endless trip.

In side B things are getting a different turn. It consists of five shorter, lo-fi, on acid tracks. Distortion is one of their main characteristics as Pete leaves synths aside and takes up the guitar, attacking your ears with fuzzy, crooked solos. The solid backbone of drums and bass remains and along with the guitar create this (almost free form sometimes) heavy psych blizzard (from what I read is closer to their cassette jams).

I worship Koi Pond. I really do. And I hope that some day we'll listen something more from them. It's one of the most creative releases and it covers everything I like in my heavy psych listening. I had a lot of time to be so enthusiastic to something I "discovered". Can, Neu!, Pharaoh Overlord, The Psychic Paramount... If these bands make your ear sweat then check Koi Pond. No doubt that you're going to be lost into this meditative, hazy ritual.

by Thanos

01. Oayeeeia
02. Intro - X Minus One
03. Valis
04. Alpha Centauri Blueshift
05. Voyage To Sfanomoe
06. Ancient Future

Physical Needs: In Sonic Meditations website you can find it in cassette format (100 copies) since the vinyl (300 copies) is sold out. Although you can find the vinyl in some record stores like Norman Records

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