[Quick Fixes] Circassian - Procrastinational

Year: 2012
Hometown: Athens, Greece
01. Eastern Patterns
02. Old Man Hollow
03. Sally

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While a lot of really worthy Greek releases saw the light in the last few months, I didn't write anything about them. Not that I didn't wanted to but man the amount of quality music I receive/discover is so huge, I would need 48-hour days to check it all properly. Anyway, Circassian released their second EP "Procrastinational", supported by the Athens based collective Spinalonga Records, featuring three tracks and as the opening song's title suggests one of their characteristics is the use of eastern patterns mixed with "western world's" psych. Considering the fact that you can also find even some surf pinches in their music, I would describe "Procrastinational" as a psychotropic ride on East-Mediterranean sea-waves. Download it by naming your price kind of deal...

by Thanos

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