[Quick Fixes] This Is Nowhere/De Sades - We Split For The Ladies 10''

 This Is Nowhere/De Sades - We Split For The Ladies 10''

They split for the ladies... Yeah that's right, two of the most high-energy bands of Thessaloniki, This Is Nowhere and De Sades, released a split few months ago featuring two tracks each... What can I say for This Is Nowhere now.
Well they're a band that I really love but this doesn't alter the fact that their two new tracks are objectively class-A, full of dirty grooves and electrified fumes. I could listen to "A Possible End" for a whole day (not that I didn't...). I've never dug De Sades before (Jay from This Is Nowhere plays guitar here too) but after listening their two tracks, I have to confess that their garage punk 'n' blues disturbed pleasantly my ears. I bet they would sound even better live... Overall a cracking 10" split, released by their "own" Hands In Sand".
Thanks to the guys for providing their 10"! Check also This Is Nowhere's s/t 7" here as well as an interview with them here.

Year: 2012
Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece
01. A Possible End (This Is Nowhere)
02. Domino Memories (This Is Nowhere)
03. Motherfucking Blues (De Sades)
04. Keep It Coming (De Sades)

by Thanos

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