[Review] Vintage Cucumber - Mc Goyl Style

What the hell is a cucumber doing in space? Has it escaped from an alien gardener and now floats within vortexes and intergalactic fields? 

Well.. You will find the answers that you seek at Mc Goyl Style. Behind the name of Vintage Cucumber is Johannes Schulz, a young and talented musician from Germany, who's playing all of the instruments himself passionately in order to bring to us his third album.

Τhe most remarkable thing is that Johannes is not afraid to risk and experiment with all of the psych/progressive heritage and in the meanwhile brings us back to the present with his DIY album release. The Mc Goyl Style album demands patience in order to explore it. Galactic sounds harmonically matched with the sound of nature, movie samples and lo-fi experiments give a special tone. 

As far as the heritage part mentioned earlier, the music of Vintage cucumber is influenced by the "holy writings" of Tangerine Dream, the Krautrock period in general and the Ummagumma time of Pink Floyd. All of the above compose an Ambient rite of a lonely conductor, whose purpose is not to reproduce old-fashion (in a good way) music but to re-create them through his delicate sight. 

The near future will show us how far Sculz's music can get, through this project and his other experiments. Until then, I’ll be listening to his work through bandcamp, where you can also download it for free.

by Andreas Maragos - originally posted in Rancho De La Luna

01. Mondsucht
02. Stridulation 
03. Aloha a hui hau 
04. Kosmische Welt zwischen Sedna & Phobus
05. Grau schimmert es mir hervor 
06. Buzz, Armstrong & Collins 
07. Herr Pilipenko & sein Weed Boot 
08. Herr Pilipenko´s GedächtnispflüstererTrip 
09. Waikiki 
10. Der Weg führt Heim

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