[Quick Fixes] 30,000 Monkies - Womb Eater Wife Beater

30,000 Monkies - Womb Eater Wife Beater

Year: 2011
Hometown: Beringen, Belgium

01. 特別攻撃隊 
02. Loris' Terrify Lab 
03. Wardimir 
04. Stab You Elf 
05. Plumbing On Steroids

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Long time no see... But I believe it's a good time to start rolling Downtuned's wheels... Slowly and steadily.
For my first post after this long period of absence, I chose something really good and somehow "different".   Obviously I'm a big stoner rock fan. And I love Melvins' and Butthole Surfers' challenging bizarreness.
Sonic Youth never intrigued me but most of the times I enjoy bands which have them as influence (Yes quite a weird thing). Put all these together and you have 30,000 Monkies. Their debut EP hit me like a blast and I regret for not checking them out earlier (it was released last September). Fortunately Ruben came in touch and introduced me to their music.
"Womb Eater Wife Beater" is a noisy, heavy, gruesome and psychotic gem, bringing a fresh, interesting and quite eccentric twist in our stoner rock.
Name your price and get this fucker!

by Thanos

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