[Quick Fixes] Snarf - Arrak Bisa Ular

Snarf - Arrak Bisa Ular

Year: 2012
Hometown: Basel, Switzerland
01. Arrak Bisa Ular

Time for some really slow stuff from the Swiss trio, Snarf. "Arrak Bisa Ular" is a one track EP, clocking in at 32 minutes and it's band's third release. This is what you need to end your gloomy autumnal day. A dark, hypnotic, slower than it gets doom trip. Add a generous portion of serious fuzzy bass lines, a skull crushing guitar, lazy 'n' heavy drumming, some sinful languid vocal invocations and you're ready to go. You can stream it through their website and download for free their two previous releases.

by Thanos

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