[Quick Fixes] Shrine - Talismandala

Shrine - Talismandala
Year: 2012
Hometown: Swindon, UK
01. Celestial Channeling And Talismandala Meditation
02. High Five
03. Archaic Calls To The Gods Of The Sun And Guardians Of The Sky
04. My Mother's A Terrible Lover
05. Temple
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"Talismandala" is Shrine's third release, featuring five tracks. While they're mainly focused on psychedelia, each track's style is quite different creating a wonderful blend. The first song is a great sample of straight-forward heavy psych with some beautiful key parts while in "High Five" they're stepping into jazz rock territory covering the jazz-classic "Take Five" (composed by Paul Desmond and originally recorded by the Dave Brubeck Quartet for its 1959) . "Archaic Calls To The Gods Of The Sun And Guardians Of The Sky" is a kind of weird noise rock jam which works relatively good. "My Mother's A Terrible Lover" is a more laid-back one where the use of yodel-styled vocals put an extra touch of craziness. The 15min "Temple" reminds me of Mugstar so it's very hard not to like it.

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