[Quick Fixes] Shrine - Talismandala

Shrine - Talismandala
Year: 2012
Hometown: Swindon, UK
01. Celestial Channeling And Talismandala Meditation
02. High Five
03. Archaic Calls To The Gods Of The Sun And Guardians Of The Sky
04. My Mother's A Terrible Lover
05. Temple
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"Talismandala" is Shrine's third release, featuring five tracks. While they're mainly focused on psychedelia, each track's style is quite different creating a wonderful blend. The first song is a great sample of straight-forward heavy psych with some beautiful key parts while in "High Five" they're stepping into blues rock territory. "Archaic Calls To The Gods Of The Sun And Guardians Of The Sky" is a kind of weird noise rock jam which works relatively good. "My Mother's A Terrible Lover" is a more laid-back one where the use of yodel-styled vocals put an extra touch of craziness. The 15min "Temple" reminds me of Mugstar so it's very hard not to like it. Download it for free along with their two previous releases.

by Thanos

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