[Review] Vali Ohm - 3000 Light Years

I have a love-hate relationship with space rock. On one hand as a genre, it has contributed a lot in the music I like and has delivered some amazing bands and records. On the other hand, I believe that it has become a ghost of itself. Most of space rock releases, especially in the last few years, are following a norm using the same elements again and again. In my opinion bands like Ozric Tentacles played a major role in this decline. And that's the reason I'm eclectic when it comes to this genre and I prefer to just listen than writing about it. 

However, Vali Ohm was kind enough to send me a physical copy of his album so I decided to give it a shot. The fact that "featuring Nik Turner" is written on the cover is a good motive by itself to check it.

Vali Ohm is a one-man project from London, created by Danny Jackson. "3000 Light Years" is his first release and it has every single thing you're expecting from a space rock album. Aliens, mind expansion, electronics, sitar, ethnic influences.... Generally Danny has a few good ideas here and there but all of them are buried by the poor production as well as the lack of proper musicians instead of computer-made sounds. The bass is so thin, you hardly notice it and drums are easily confused with tins. Vocals don't help either most of the times. You can't blame him since it's all recorded, produced by himself in a home studio but either you cannot take them into consideration.

In "The Encounter" he manages to create a really cool atmosphere, as well as in "Life Force 1" which definitely would sound better if real instruments where used. Album's highlight is the same titled track "3000 Light Years" with Nik Turner. It has a good mesmerizing groove and it's guided by Mr. Turner's spoken words. All tracks are moving in the classic space rock "sector" which probably some space rockers going to find interesting but Ι found them nerveless.

It's positive to see guys, like Danny, being passionate about the music they like and create a whole album by themselves and they have my respect for their will. You know putting their soul in what they love and such. But most of the times, interesting ideas and a pc are not enough to bring a worthy result. I believe that it would be better if they had the patience to find a couple of mates sharing the same passion and team up to fulfill their dream. Personally I wasn't impressed by the album beside a couple of moments that got my attention. I may not be the right judge here but my suggestion to Danny is to work more on his ideas, form a band, give a lot of live performances and then to put out a more complete work.

by Thanos
01. Jazz Up The Spacerock
02. Space Machine
03. Club Outer Stratosphere
04. The Encounter
05. Dance Of Karlie
06. The Vali Ohm
07. Interstellar City
08. Life Force 1
09. 3000 Light Years
10. Home

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