[Review] Radar Men From The Moon - Echo Forever

Exactly one year after their first visit to earth, these space cadets returned to our planet, not only carrying their first full album but also with the intention of taking you into an intergalactic journey through the wormholes of our universe. 

In a more realistic point of view, "Echo Forever" would be the perfect tribute to Neil Armstrong who two days ago left earth forever and became a permanent resident of space. Travelling through galaxies to eternity...

Netherlands has a long heritage of supernauts... 35007, Sungrazer, The Machine, Gomer Pyle, Het Droste Effect, Mother Unit... Just to name few. Radar Men From The Moon march in the same path. They gave us a hint of what they can do in their debut EP "Intergalactic Dada & Space Trombones". Now with "Echo Forever" we're having a complete understanding of their capabilities.

The same titled track works as their spaceship's ignition. In the beginning the nervous and at the same time calm countdown point until the engines release their cosmic fumes and the ship takes οff... In "Atomic Mother" we leave behind earth's atmosphere and as the first fuel tanks are coming off, we're facing the unknown for the very first time...

When "Dance Of Black And White Paint" kicks in, the darkness embraces us and earth starts to seem smaller and smaller. It is the time we realize the insignificance of our existence. As the album proceeds to "Darkness", we're entering to moon's orbit. Start wondering around it...

"Heading To The Void" welcomes us to the majestic and mystical dark side of the moon. Desire for epxloring the unknown is our only feeling. Desire and fear... "Where Sky Meets Earth" is the breaking point when the secret reveals itself. Moon's dark side is not as unexplored as we always thought. It's a completely new world... An entrance to other universes or even dimensions. With "Avante-Garde Luxury" Radar Men From The Moon lead us through the gates of the true unknown... Where no one beside them knows where they're leading to. And we're not going to find out. At least for now. Hopefully they will visit us again soon carrying the answers to our questions... Until then, enjoy the ride!

by Thanos

01. Echo Forever
02. Atomic Mother
03. Dance Of Black And White Paint
04. Darkness
05. Heading For The Void
06. Where The Sky Meets Earth
07. Avant-Garde Luxury

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