[Quick Fixes] Workin' Man Noise Unit - Serious Power Hour

Year: 2012
Hometown: Reading, UK
01. Mountain Of Skulls Blues
02. Sleepwalker
03. Workin' Hard Is Hard Work
04. Wild 5


Wow, that was a blast! Workin' Man Noise Unit's second EP is like a psychedelic jam smashed up by a bunch of high on amphetamines punks. A frenzy, noisy, intense, ear-fucking piece of work. Do you have a neighbor complaining about your high-voltage music? Well "Serious Power Hour" is the answer to your problem. Put this filth on, drink some beers and beat the shit out of him. Smash his windows, smash his face or just nail him your earphones playing this sweet baby on repeat. No need to thank me, just support these bastards. Download it by paying anything you want (along with their first EP) or buy it on a bloody cassette. Peace, love and brainfuck.

by Thanos

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