[Quick Fixes] Kabul Golf Club - Le Bal Du Rat Mort

Year: 2011
Hometown: Limburg, Belgium
01. Bits Of Freedom
02. Minus 45
03. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
04. 5 Minutes 2 Midnight
05. Demon Days
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Kabul Golf Club (what a great name by the way) sent me a copy of their EP couple of days ago. They are a post-hardcore band prone to math and noise rock seizures. And they're here with their debut EP to bring you to a neurotic state and consequently collapse into a deep nightmare. Five insane, tense and at times weird compositions having a lot of bursts, crushing guitars, atonal scales and absonant passages. The closing track "Demon Days", encapsulates band's substance at its best (don't miss their video for "Demon Days") Definitely not a release for everyone but all the desperado out there be sure to check this intriguing, psychotic pandemonium. You'll be rewarded...
For physical copies check their site for more info.

by Thanos

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