[Quick Fixes] Farflung / Black Land - Split 12''

Farflung / Black Land - Split 12''
Four years have passed from the latest Farflung album. But in the last few months, they came back with three splits (this one, one with White Hills and one with Black Rainbows). This 12" features two tracks by Farflung and one by Black Land. "Orbital Decay" and "Tubalcain" are classic Farflung songs. No surprises at all, just some serious ass-kicking.
I don't know how many of you came across Black Land's "Extreme Heavy Psych" but it's an album you have to check out. Pretty neat! In the 14min "The Ecstasy Of Awakening', they slowly build their tune using calm vocals, some electronics and cymbals until guitar drops in, making it an excellent space rock song. The 12" was released by Bloodrock Records but since I didn't find it in their catalogue, I provide you another link for purchasing it.

  Year: 2012
Hometown: Los Angeles / Rome
01. Orbital Decay (Farflung)
02. Tubalcain (Farflung)
03. The Ecstasy Of Awakening (Black Land)

Farflung | Black Land
Physical Needs: here

by Thanos

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