[Review] Disastroid - Money And Guilt

Disastroid - Money And Guilt
Since the new album by Disastroid is released today, I think it's a good time to write about it.
Disastroid were formed by Enver Koneya in Sand Francisco. After a while Travis Williams jumped in and together they released three albums. Recently Braden McGraw joined them and "Money And Guilt" made its way out...

"Money And Guilt" features 8 tracks reaching a total duration of 26 minutes! Yeah it's a little bit short taking in mind that this is an album but personally I believe it's perfect since the style of music they're playing is meant to be straight, brief and passionate. And these guys have them all!

So what's Disastroid all about?  Take a bunch of riffs, a really great voice, add the right amount of stoner grooves and some of Melvins' weird ideas, stir it well and here you are... Disastroid. I wouldn't say that they're playing something unique but definitely something special and different

While "Money And Guilt" starts with a track ("Fallout") you'd expect to find in a doom/stoner band or even a sludge one, "Low" comes next which is like QOTSA decided to take a more punk turn. Generally this QOTSA feeling is all over the album.

You will also find a lot of grunge references in Disastroid's music and I'm not talking only for Enver's vocals similarities with Chris Cornell's (check "Room In My Head") but something present in all their tracks. You know this grunge injection, more and more bands use nowadays to enrich their sound (not always with success...). In Disastroid's case though, it's a definitely a plus. Furthermore you can spot a few bluesy moments like in "Eternal Home".

"Money And Guilt" is the kind of album that unifies audiences. No matter which side of rock you're on, you'll gain a lot by listening to it. Refreshing, revitalizing, tasteful! Dig it without fear nor guilt!

Written by Thanos

01. Fallout
02. Low
03. Happy Channel
04. Eternal Home
05. Gamera
06. Money And Guilt
07. Room In My Head
08. Sunshine

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