[Review] Dala Sun - Gegenschein

Dala Sun - Gegenschein
A year ago when Downtuned Mag was in its early days, I had posted about Dala Sun's debut album here. Although it was released in 2010, I had to write about it since it was a worth-mentioning album. A month ago Dala Sun returned with their killer sophomore album titled "Gegenschein" which is going to be released on 12" vinyl.

Let's bring up a couple of things about Dala Sun. They were formed in Patra (in '09) and one of their characteristics (beside the awesome music...) is their totally DIY attitude. Recording, producing, promoting, distributing, booking...all by themselves. 

Now about album's artwork. It maintains the surrealistic levels of their debut but this time they made an interesting addition from the Greek "pastoral" countryside (I applaud their idea). Given the chance I'll make a small parenthesis here. I think that even more Greek bands should start using Greek-related elements in their artwork - and I'm not referring to ancient Greek statues for god's sake. We're not living in Palm Desert, we never had saloons neither Jack Daniel's distilleries. And I'm bored of naked women with bongs... Think a little different. They're plenty of local stoner rock-related elements you can use (maybe I should write a small article about it sometime).

So after my nagging, time to write about the music here... If you liked (yeah, sure you did...) Dala Sun's debut then you're going to adore this. "Gegenschein" retains band's interesting stoner/desert/psych blend but it takes a more straightforward route which sounds heavier and heavier as the album evolves. Vocals remain dirty in a punk, spitting-in-your-face way while the riff-machine works in its 101%. Gazillion liters of fuzz replace your body's blood and make you a better person. A better person for you. For your family. For society. Really!

"Sludge Machine" is album's opener and it perfectly gets you in "Gegenschein" mood. A furious kicker! "Flying Midget" is based on short, brisk riffs crisping your brain. In "Overdosed", the samples start to take their place  as they got us used in their debut. Placed always appropriately inside the tunes, they're giving this drunk "giddy goat" feeling.

"Guilty for Murder" is one of my favorite tracks. Less speedy and aggressive, evolves to a laid-back fusion jam with some great backing vocals, making it the perfect break. You know to take a deep breath before diving back in the swamp! 
Thrash metal-kind of riffs are all over in "Gegeschein" and "Fistful Of Teeth" is the perfect song to enjoy them; while "Monokitaro" is probably their grungiest moment showcasing the band's ability of mixing a lot of styles without losing their orientation. Queens Of The Stone Age are the basic inspiration for the cleverly titled "Riding Donkeys Backwards". "Gegenschein" ends with the same-titled track (another favorite); a strong motive for pushing the repeat button once again... 

Dala Sun surprised me once more by releasing an outstanding album, brilliantly performed and produced. Riffs are heavier, thicker and faster than their debut while the band's progress is evident right from the beginning. The guys have worked hard not only in strengthening and evolving their sound but also in producing and generally releasing their album. For me they're one of the most respectable bands out there, something they gained by working hard, believing in themselves and last but not least due to their talent. I think that they're having a lot of things to offer us in the future and I know I won't get disappointed.

So ride your overdosed donkey backwards (if you can't find one, get yourself a "cigarette" and ride a broomstick...) and let him guide you in finding Dala Sun's sludge machine. It doesn't matter if you're going to find it or not 'cause the trip by itself is fucking amazing!

Written by Thanos

01. Sludge Machine
02. Flying Midget
03. Overdosed
04. Guilty For Murder
05. Fistful of Teeth
06. Monokitaro
07. Riding Donkeys Backwards
08. Gegenschein

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"Gegenschein" will be released in 12" vinyl. More info about it when their tour is over. There will be an update.
Check their tour dates here.

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