10 March: Beehoover Live In Athens

About Beehoover:
"I really cannot think of any reason to put this in the player again unless it is to get my wife to leave like she did the first time I put it on" - Seaoftranquility.org
"A veritable scheiße-sturm ... the Fatherland has sired some mighty and malevolent rock bastards among all the post-industrial slop." - Rocksound Magazine
"I mean you can see the riffs round up like a wrecking ball and loop around and crash right into your gut ... it's a mind fuck romp through prog delirium, moving with the grace of a ballerina and hitting like a prizefighter. This one goes way beyond very creative and interesting." - StonerRock.com

The Dive will join them with their alternative psych-grunge soundscapes.

Where / When / Tickets:
Saturday, 10 March at Six d.o.g.s., Athens
Supporting Act: The Dive

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