5 February : Reversed Nature, Stonerow, Now Exploding In Saigon Live In Athens

Reversed Nature from Athens formed in 2007. They rise from the need of some individuals to express their inner cosmos via music. Music that create without any restrictions or limitation they don't put their feelings under a scope and give birth at something premeditative. They treat music as an living organism and they live it evolve on its own volition,thus never knowing where it will end!!! 
Stonenrow is a duo coming from Athens and they were formed in 2008 and they play a blend of doom, psych and stoner rock.
Now Exploding In Saigon were formed 2 years ago in Athens and they present us to their version of black metal as introduced by Wolves In The Throne Room, Krallice and Weakling.

Where / When / Tickets:
Bat City, Athens
Sunday, 5 February at 21:00

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