[Review] Lord 13 -2013

Lord 13 -2013

Almost a month ago Lord 13 released their second full album titled "2013" which is going to be the last review for 2011. Formed back in 1999, they released two demos ("Embrace", 2000 and "Hell Ride", 2003) before their self-titled debut album came out in 2006.

So five years later, they're back with their sophomore release featuring twelve tracks of high voltage heavy/stoner rock and a guest surprise....

"2013" moves within the boundaries of classic stoner and heavy rock sound. In case anyone wonders what does this mean, I'll make it a little bit simpler... Crunchy riffs, groovy rhythms and a rock 'n' roll attitude which lead in almost one hour of enjoyable heavy music.

Most tracks are up-tempo and full of energy like "Fire", "Get You High" and "Keep On Riding". Of course some more slow-driven, space-injected moments are present too. "Grind It" and especially "Not Over" (the longest track in album, reaching 8 minutes) are two of them and clearly show the impact that bands like Monster Magnet or speaking more locally Nightstalker had in the whole scene. There is also an acoustic track titled "Walking In Sin" which closes the album smooth and gently...

Now let's talk about "Wicked Thing" where we have the guest surprise I mentioned above. Here you can find the contribution by the great Ben Ward of Orange Goblin which gives a great plus in the song, making it my album's favorite along with "Not Over". Great stuff....

I have to say that I enjoyed "2013" even if in my first listening I was quite disappointed. Don't get me wrong. I didn't say that the music is bad-written/played. But probably 'cause (in my opinion) there aren't any highlights. Yes the songs are catchy but I didn't find something to stuck in my head. You know something to make me say "wow" and abuse the repeat button again and again even if the song didn't reach to its end. But as I listened to it again and again, in the end "2013" worked for me and I found not only one but two tracks that made the difference.

This year was full of quality when it comes to Greek releases and Lord 13's "2013" is no exception. The guys are already working on new material : "An acoustic album with friends and family guesting on vocals and a full on electric heavy space blowout of an album!"

01. Fire
02. Love & Hate
03. Get You High
04. Off The Edge
05. Free
06. The Warning
07. Grind It
08. Wicked Thing (ft. Ben Ward Orange Goblin)
09. Make It With You
10. Keep On Riding
11. Not Over
12. Walking In Sin

The guys are giving "2013" for free download at their website. It will be released in cd & vinyl soon... Check their website for updates.

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