[Review] :TwinGiant: - Demo

:TwinGiant: - Demo
Few days ago I received a demo from a band called :TwinGiant:. As you know here in Downtuned Magazine we deal with Greek bands in order to promote and support Greek heavy scene. Now the thing with these guys is that they're from USA... But one of their two guitar players, Nikos, is American of Greek origin and I thought that it's ok to make an exception for these guys...
So let me present you :TwinGiant:, a five piece band form Phoenix, Arizona formed in the spring of 2010 - quoting them- to fulfill the band members' desire to play loud-as-shit droney music.

They recently released their first demo which features two tracks. The first song, titled "Pale Blue Dot" is a 6min one and I have to say that it immediately caught my attention with its groove. It's a sludge tune with heavy stoner-like riffage blasting all over the place. Swamp sludgy vocals is definitely a plus while the bass and drums really cement the sound.

The second track "Concrete Home" is recorded in a gig the band gave at the Ice House in Phoenix. The sound in this one isn't so good and it doesn't help at all. I think the band loose their dynamic here (not in the live they gave, just in this certain recording). Although there are good ideas, the tune's flow seems alright and it incorporates a few drone elements. I would like to hear it in studio version though.

Overall :TwinGiant: have plenty of potentials judging from their "little" sample. They're going to record their debut album in December. From what I "saw" here I'll keep an eye on them and I'll be happy to host them again here in Downtuned Magazine...

Tracklist :
01. Pale Blue Dot
02. Concrete Home (Live)
You can download their demo for free through their facebook page.

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