[Review] 45Rats - First Gear EP

45Rats - First Gear EP

45Rats are an instrumental heavy rock trio, formed in Athens, in 2008 by Chef, Dam and Kavaldi. On December 2010, they recorded their first work "First Gear" performing it live in studio with special guest Boogieman from Greek southern rock'n'blues band Down & Out. The cd came out on March of 2011 in 500 handmade copies and it was a totally self-financed release.

"First Gear" consists of five full instrumental heavy rock jams with total duration of 17 minutes. They successfully filter their 70's influences through a modern prism but above all via their own musicianship and ideas, producing something fresh and with its own identity.

If I had to choose a couple of tracks, they would be "Labrat" which has a great dynamic and "Groove Salad" where you can find Boogieman's contribution in harmonica which gives a more bluesy tone in the tune.

The production is as it should be, the EP has a great track-flow and you won't even notice how quick it ends. I read in some of the EP's reviews about adding some vocals and stuff like these. Well who the hell needs vocals when you have great music like this. Get over it, music don't always need vocals to be better and certainly 45Rats don't need them.

Overall it's a good-worked high energy debut that hardly getting bored of, which makes me to want a full album released soon. Their music is perfect for live performances and I believe that on stage will sound much much better. If you're a fan of instrumental stoner-meets-heavy blues music then here you are, a quick fix to make your day. Grab their groove salad and bon appétit...

If you want to buy a copy, you can contact the band at : 45ratsband@hotmail.gr
01. Theme #1
02. Labrat
03. Flamtap
04. Groove Salad
05. Infinity

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