[Review] Beyond Perception - Blood & Whiskey

Coming from Athens, Beyond Perception released their second full length album "Blood & Whiskey" few months ago, on September 2010. Twelve smoking tracks, the perfect soundtrack to drink a couple of bourbons and smash some heads off.

Being a part of the continuous growing Greek heavy scene for almost 7 years (although they started with a totally different musical style), they released a heavy, powerful, thick as brick work which is going to make you bang your head even if you're not fond of this music.

First of all I liked the comic-style artwork and especially Bud Spencer's face when you get the cd out of the case. The whole concept fits brilliantly with the rest of the album's spirit.
Now let's get to the music... The album kicks in with "By The Power Of The Engine", a mid-tempo groovy tune which is quite catchy I have to say and it surely hooks you up. Next in the list is "Million Earning Whore" which is moving in the same way as the previous one but with a more distinct southern sound. I really enjoyed the part at the half of the track where it's mainly a bass-vocal point before a cool guitar solo. The next one titled "Bud Spencer" is the band's tribute to him, a little bit slower where vocals have the lead (along with Bud's voice and fists). In "Dance The Destruction" the band show their death/thrash metal influences while in the one-minute acoustic country "Thorn", get you relaxed before the upcoming groove-core thunder.....called "Send the Demons Away".

In their seventh track "Play With Bullets", one of my favorites, they change totally their sound. I believe this is the most complex, mature and technical song in the album. It's heavy but in a more post-rock (or something like that) way. On the other side, "Cargo" is maybe the weakest part (at least for me). I don't say that isn't a good one but it didn't have something to get my attention.

The next two tracks "Under Blackened Sky" and "Black Of The Night" are perfect examples of the band's ability to blend stoner with metalcore and some more traditional metal forms. Not my cup of tea but I must give them the credits for the successful mixture. "Hydra" is another highlight which leads to album's final track "Dust" where there is a quite doomy atmosphere in its first part while its closing point is a surprisingly good, quite clean-cut southern tune.

Overall it's a very good album with many great parts which make you wanting hear them again and again. They blended with success the southern groove and the stoner vibe with metalcore, thrash and death forms. Although I would like to see them having a more dirty southern orientation or more songs like "Play With Bullets" (where they show even more how good musicians they are),  their work stands up among the numerous releases out there. Comparing "Blood & Whiskey" with their first album, you can see how much the band evolved through time and that they have potentials for even bigger things in the future.
May the Bud Spencer's force be with you!

An interview with Beyond Perception will be posted in the next few days so stay tuned!

1. By The Power Of The Engine
2. Million Earning Whore
3. Bud Spencer
4. Dance The Destruction
5. Thorn
6. Send The Demons Away
7. Play With Bullets
8. Cargo
9. Under Blackened Sky
10. Black Of The Night
11. Hydra
12. Dust

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Physical copies can be found in The Lab Records, The Rythm Records and Serial Killing Records.

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