[Review] This Is Nowhere - This Is Nowhere 7''

Just yesterday I was first introduced to This Is Nowhere, a Greek new-psych band from Thessaloniki and they really got my full attention from the first second…

Formed in 2009, they have released this s/t 7” and a soundtrack for Bryony Lavery’s play “Frozen” (which I didn’t have the chance to check it yet, except its last track which can be found in their myspace).

Their 7” consists of two tracks, “Perfect Helpless” and “Wilderness Part 2”, which are excellent pieces of dark downtuned bluesy-punk, lost in space paths.

“Perfect Helpless” is moving in a noisier, up-tempo way and has some wonderful bursts in it. While “Wilderness Part 2” is slower and takes you in a mesmerizing trip deep in their universe. What a great contrast of “light” and “shadow”!

If Spacemen 3, Wooden Shjips, Black Angels mean something to you then check these bass-worshippers and definitely you won’t be disappointed. Their trip to nowhere has just begun…

1. Perfect Helpless
2. Wilderness Part 2

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