[Review] Weathers - Heavy Truck EP

Weathers - Heavy TruckWeathers is a quite new band with members from Korinthos and Patra, Greece formed in 2009 but their current line-up was formed in 2010.

"Heavy Truck" is their first EP released in this year's March . Now, what to expect from them...As their EP's title and cover suggest prepare yourself for a heavy sludge'n'roll rite to the God of Weed.
It's a highly enjoyable release full of heavy stoner grooves, sludge magic and bits of psych here and there just to spice things up.

The EP contains 4 tracks which are totally addictive. Giant vigorous riffs, thick bass vibes, heavy-driven drumming and harsh, NOLA-ish vocals..How not to get addicted?

In the first three tracks you can feel what sludge'n'roll stands for, while in the last one (which is totally instrumental and the longest of all) things get slower, less aggressive and moving into more psych-jammy paths.

The production is also as clean as needed. Is groovy, heavy, allowing you to clearly distinguish each component of the music but at the same time it's filthy and raw.

Despite the fact that Weathers is a quite young band (although they have performed a quite big number of lives and they're very energetic) this EP is an excellent starting point for them and they show us that they have the credentials for many more things to come.

As a conclusion, Weathers don't reinvent the wheel. But what they do, they do it with passion, feeling and excellent skills. Sometimes these things matter more than anything else. And in the end, they manage to stuck in your mind and you want to listen to "Heavy Truck" again and again.
As I said before, if you love good sludge and you like bands like Weedeater, Bongzilla, Demonic Death Judge, Belzebong and Guinea Pig then you definitely must check these guys.

You can download it for free via our download archive.

1. Styx
2. Babetrap
3. Oblivious
4. Dirty Clouds Upon My Head

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