[Review] Sun Of Nothing - The Guilt Of Feeling Alive

[Review] Sun Of Nothing - The Guilt Of Feeling AliveWe pass most of our lives in cities, trapped inside their grey, miserable, ugly walls. This album is our manifest. Our cry of despair. And Sun Of Nothing are our preachers.

"The Guilt Of Feeling Alive" starts as a statement of compassion and an invitation to join their cause. And then, it comes the outbreak full of rage and guilt. Too hopeless to stand it. It just tears your heart apart. But you keep going because you can feel it, it's like seeing yourself from above straggling to feel alive. And when the album finishes, you can feel your soul's catharsis. You can feel liberated.

It's amazing how this album works. Sun Of Nothing in their third release manage to violate their limits and deliver us their most complete work.
It's quite hard to describe what they have done here with simple words and labels. And it isn't easy to list their influences because either they are so unique or they have to many and they are so unique..

They blend so many styles and they manage to create an excellent atmosphere (production helps to that too). Doom, sludge, post, noise, drone all are parts of their compositions. The bass makes the music's structure so thick that even the air can't pass through it while the guitar riffs, hit you like a nails' whip in order to cleanse you. And as if that this isn't enough, drumming adjusts your heartbeat like you are in a state of ecstasy and Ilias' vocals melt your brain.

SoN created the soundtrack of our wretched urban lives in only 42 minutes. Look at their artwork and you can understand what I'm talking about. Just listen to it and you will have the chance to feel the guilt. The guilt of feeling alive.

3.Drowned Out
4.Unreached Soul
5.Hearthealer (As It All Crumbles)


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