[Review] Brotherhood of Sleep - Dark As Light

brotherhood of sleep - dark as light
Since Downtuned Mag is in its birth days, I decided to review a couple of this year's releases which should be mentioned. One of them is Brotherhood of Sleep latest album "Dark As Light" which was released a couple of months ago.

BoS is an Athens, Greece based trio formed back in 2006 and this is their second album (following their 2009 S/T). Four massive tracks with 50min total playing time of entirely instrumental (kind of) psych doom. The album is solid and thick, while each of the songs remains totally unique and through their "complex" construction hook their listener 'til the end.

Don't be scared from tracks' long duration because the sure thing is that you'll never be bored. You see, one of the band's abilities is to drive your mind from hypnosis to pure fury and back. Think it like a good book, which travels your emotions and let you build your own unique scenery as you reading it.
George G. uses the guitar riffs to create a mesmerizing and at the same time aggressive (the contradiction I wrote before) atmosphere like a fuzzy doomish supernova. Danis A. bass lines build the BoS altar with his Sleep-ish groovy vibes. While Serafim G. drums' fill passages and mind-awakening snare hits, pull the attention and make the difference.
Their influences include the ritual feeling of Om and in a way the Sleep's heavy "sloth" legacy. The psych elements of Colour Haze and Los Natas (Toba Trance era) are present too while jazz passages and Ufomammut's drone make their appearance in all four tracks.
"Dark As Light" is like a heavy psych journey to space, sometimes you get dominated by light sometimes by darkness. Brotherhood of Sleep becoming on of the lead forces of Greece's heavy scene and this is apparent in their latest work. Their potentials are promising for even better things to come and I'm sure they will meet our expectations.

1.Afterlife Unearthed
3.Aranian Gates
4.Dark As Light

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