[Videotheque] Breath After Coma - I, the Animal

Flashing back to Breath After Coma's debut album (Leaders, 2017) and their song "I, the Animal" for which they created a video back in 2017.  
Lyrics are available at the bottom of this post.

Breath After Coma band photo, 2019 .Breath After Coma - Leaders (cover artwork)

2017, press release overview of the album:
Greek alternative rock act Breath After Coma rises again with their amazing debut full length album “Leaders”, following the release of the critically praised debut self-titled EP of 2015. More groovy, more mellow, more melodic and better-sounding than its predecessor, “Leaders” is undoubtedly the album that’s going to get Breath After Coma to the next level. Arctic Monkeys-influenced mellow melodies mix up with RHCP-driven bass lines, heavy riffing that draws influence from everything, from stoner rock to hard rock and being always supported by a tight rhythm section, result in one of most to-be-discussed albums of the ever-evolving Greek underground rock scene. The amazing sound production of Dimitris Karpouzas at Lizard Sound Studios as well as the final touch given by the mastering of Steve Lado is nothing else but one more proof that Greece is the capitol of underground rock music. Do not miss out on Breath After Coma and “Leaders”.
You cut me sharp and your blade is running
You give me wounds, oh you are so cunning
You live to hurt and I beg to differ
Our war is old still you need to be here

You breed all needs like there's still belief
I did my deeds and I raised hell
I fed your lights locked up my pride
Left all drained in this boy

Phoenix rises from the dark
No pain - In denial
Read your future in my palm
I the space, You the astronaut

Words put down in ink
Thirst and primal greed
Carved so deep on your molten throne

Come on and tell me who enjoys the most
At what cost? Say, what's your cost?

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