[Videotheque] Ill System - Rock Bottom (new single)

Cape Town based ragga infused groove metal unit Ill System have unveiled the video for their new single Rock Bottom. The band's music is a hard-hitting politically charged mix of Groove Metal, Rock, Reggae and more recently Hip-Hop & Electronica. They also have a unique African influence by leading many songs with Djembe and Bongo percussion. Rock Bottom was mixed and mastered by the legendary Andrew O'leary of Verona Walls.

lyrics are available at the bottom of this post

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“We wanted to focus on our roots as a band, and Groove and Hip Hop has always heavily influenced our writing. This track is groovy, hard-hitting and to the point. It's reminiscent of the material we were writing in the early 2000's, but with a focus on our new sound and direction.” explains the band

The band shot the video during the Covid19 lockdown at their drummer's home studio, as they were limited by what they could do during the pandemic. They then employed the editing and animation talents of renowned photographer Laura McCullagh to produce the video.
“We were going for a raw look with some street art elements, due to the nature of the track.” Comments the band on the video.
about the band:
Ill System‘s story on the South African circuit dates all the way back to 2001, when the band originally formed. In 2006, Ill System was living in Wales, UK, and participated in the international Emergenza battle of unsigned bands; finishing in first place out of nearly 1,000 acts from the UK alone, and in 18th position globally.

When they returned to South Africa, they supported Protest The Hero & Fear Factory, and in 2017 released their praised single 'Holy War'. They also supported Attila on their South African tour in 2018, and featured on the same bill as Black Dahlia Murder at Ramfest 2019. Since then, they have also released the following singles: 'King For A Day', 'Sleeping Giant' & 'Ego Check’, and are currently working on new material. 

I'm not here to tell you what to do dude
Just here to tell you not to be you
Underneath the mask there's a devil in the detail
Wanna do right? Then dismount from my coattails

If the best version of ones self is online
We got more problems than we all realize
Its a world gone wild, you just gotta shake your head
and brace for the ride, 'cause here we go again

Running through circuits or running around the block
There's blood in the streets and on the hands of the cops
Too many bad apples, the whole place getting rotten
We keeping sinking lower, yeah we hitting rock bottom

I just keep wishing sanity and sense will prevail
But when the wind blows far right, coffins get nailed
Its a grave situation, don't bother praying to your god
Because you know your enemy prays just as hard

What are you waiting for?
Can't get much lower when you're already on the floor
Its time now to analyze
Will your past become our future or will you choose to rewrite

Aw shit now we back to square one again
Expect progress from a mannequin?
A clown with a keyboard after dark got me terrified
Evil lurks in a sewer online, pennywise

Its time we exterminated these dinosaurs
Sending in an asteroid, destroy
In with a new crew, out with the old boys
This is not a drill no this is not a decoy

What are you waiting for?
Can't get much lower when you're already on the floor
Its time now to analyze
Will your past become our future or will you choose to rewrite

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