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Cargo Lift - Then (artwork)
Cargo Lift, the alternative, prog rock band from Thessaloniki have just released their 3rd work which is also their first full length album. After releasing 2 EP’s , ‘First’ in 2017 and ‘Disguised’ in 2019 and with the aura and motivation for creation that has been given to them by the covid19-stigmatized 2020, they are now presenting their debut album ‘THEN’.

THEN’ contains 9 tracks, having a total duration of 42 minutes and touching various frequencies of the heavy rock spectrum. The composition process and the pre-production lasted from September 2019 to July 2020. At the same time the band appeared in live gigs in Thessaloniki and Xanthi along with Dendrites, SiXforNinE, Supersoul, Lotus Who? and Sciopticon, for the promotion of their 2 EP’s but also testing some of the new songs on stage. The recordings of "Then" lasted from August to November 2020 and took place in Mix Studio and 751 Studio under the guidance of George Brigos and Joe F.K.

Cargo Lift's first Full Length album follows a variety of musical paths and it is possible that various listeners, even the fans of the band will end up having different favorite tracks. Lyrically it expresses an indignation and frustration towards the society as a whole and towards the tendencies that are considered to be normal. It provoke sthe internal and external outburst of the listener, it fights with a complex and confused subconscious and of course there are references to the difficult situation the humanity is going through with the coronavirus. The cover of the album is a creation by Frangiskos Matsatsinis (photo) and Sotiris Kotsonis (Logo, setting). The concept of the cover reflects, according to Cargo Lift, the severity, rigidity and suspicion of our times, a wall of questions about what follows in the years to come, for both the band and the world.
Cargo Lift band photo

After his collaboration with Cargo Lift in the ‘Disguised’ EP (2019), Joe F.K once again took over the mixing, mastering and a serious part of the production. Joe F.K was asked about his point of view as a producer but also as a musician and answered the following :

Which was your first feeling and thought when you listened to the songs of the 2nd Cargo Lift Ep ‘ Disguised’ and before taking over the production?
I found that there was an unexplored space in the alternative Greek scene. I think that Cargo Lift is trying to bridge this gap and are proud of their influences. The different is always strange but this is what sparks my interest.

How would you describe "Then" (2020) and do you spot any differences in relation to "Disguised"?
We talked a lot with the guys and I think that in the new album a more direct and at the same time experimental aspect is captured that was difficult to unfold last year in a 4-track Ep. When i was asked to work together again this year, the song structures were essentially ready, however I found a very 'healthy' group of musicians synthetically more liberated. Being the ‘third ear’ of the process, I suggested some ideas and I'm glad that the guys had the same spirit to make creative interventions. From this perspective I see a mature development in ‘Then’ .

Regarding  the style of music that Cargo Lift follow in this album, which sounds and aspects of rock music would you say that they approach?
I was never font of such questions. Let’s say that they play dark rock or alternative metal, maybe even progressive pop. They sound a bit like a Tool… But the aesthetics reminds me of Deftones … Now let’s ask 100 people which bands and music styles they listen to. I bet most people would not even bother to deal with it because the labels I just put have already taken care of it. Enough with the descriptions, let’s finally listen to the music and draw our own conclusions.

Which of the songs do you predict that will become your favorite , which would be the hit of the album and which is the most indifferent comparing to the others ?
At first I spontaneously singled out ‘Gone’, it has a Seattle of 90’s approach. Now I believe a lot in the ‘radio friendly’ aesthetics of Break Out. There is something familiar and old-fashioned in this song, but 'timeless' at the same time. My other 2 favorites would be ‘Prophecy’ and ‘Tragedy’. Here the guys managed to express what did not fit in ‘Disguised’ (EP 2019). I think there are no indifferent songs on the album, only less favorite.

In which song could you see yourself participating as a guitarist and in which as a vocalist (since we know your skills from the bands you participate in , M3MĪ¦1Ī£ & Vain Velocity)?
First of all, let me say here that in the recordings, Christos did not even let me smell his 7-string Epiphone and Kostas almost excluded me from the backing vocal sessions...! But talking seriously, the guys know my passion for both of these instruments and they did an amazing job in the record. If there’s a part of guitars and vocals for me in the album, this is the outburst in the middle-section of Home. Excellent!

What is that excites you the most when a band gives you its material to make the production?
As a musician, I seek to see the songs from the creator's point of view, beyond the sound engineering dimension. Under this point of view, I get excited when a band trusts me its vision and invites me to be a part of its creativity, whether it's composing a song or mix-mastering. Healthy collaborations always bring beautiful results.

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