[News] TRITA - Shout, Tears for Fears cover, (profits will be donated)

TRITA - Shout, Tears for Fears cover
TRITA released a special cover of the classic Tears For Fears song, "Shout", as a benefit on their bandcamp. All of the donations, along with all profit from any merch sales, will be collected and donated to Second Hand Harvest, one of the largest and most effective organizations in feeding folks in need in the Minneapolis area. You can donate, download, and listen to "Shout" on Bandcamp now (as well as stream it on Spotify and Apple Music).

In addition to the song, their good friend Stef LM did the amazing artwork for the song, and is also doing a fundraiser on her website with special limited prints aptly named "Cease & Desist."
In 1985, Tears For Fears rereleased one of their most popular songs as part of a benefit for African famine relief. In our reimagining of the Tears For Fears song “Shout,” we wanted to continue that legacy of giving, but within our own community. With the cold weather quickly setting in, the loneliness of COVID isolation, and the distance we all feel from our friends and loved ones during the holidays, the added hardship of hunger was an issue we wanted to combat through this release. You can find the official release of “Shout” on our Bandcamp, where you can pay-what-you-will to download, and we will donate 100% of that money to Second Harvest Heartland, an organization leading the way in feeding families this holiday season. Additionally, we will be compiling any and all applicable streaming revenue for donation, as well as all of the profit of any merch sales from our Bandcamp webstore.

We hope you enjoy the song, and we hope that you’ll consider making a donation of any amount to bring warmth to the coldest time of the year.

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