[Videotheque] Orbiter - In Echoes

This is the official video for the Orbiter's song 'In Echoes' which was included in the latest EP release "The Deluge".

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Orbiter is a Finnish doom metal band that released their debut EP The Deluge on 29th January 2020.
Orbiter - The Deluge (EP) cover artwork
The four-song EP is a blend of heavy riffing, atmospheric psychedelia, and soaring vocals. The central theme of the record is human nature and its contradictions: over and over again people's aspirations towards wisdom are in danger of being drowned under the waves of their own greed. The EP has been mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege), one of the most renowned mastering engineers in the industry worldwide.

Orbiter released a pre-single Bone to Earth in late November. In addition to the Finnish media, the song also received international attention in Germany, Spain, France, and America.

Founded at the turn of the year 2014-2015, the band has been influenced by the genre’s founder Black Sabbath, 90s stoner bands like Kyuss, and 21st century doom bands. Additional influences have been drawn from psychedelic and progressive rock.

Orbiter’s new vocalist Carolin Koss joined the band last April. She’s an artist, filmmaker, and singer originally from Germany, and now residing in Finland. This is Orbiter’s first record with Koss. The band has previously released three singles, most recently Anthropocene in early 2019.


Orbiter is:
Carolin Koss - Vocals
Alexander Meaney - Guitar
Jere Remes - Guitar
Tuomas Talka - Bass
Sami Heiniö - Drums
Orbiter band photo

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