[Videotheque] Electric Feat - The Caveman

Watch the official video for the song "The Caveman" which was included in Electric Feat's s/t debut album, released earlier this year. (lyrics available at the bottom)
For those unfamiliar with the band. Electric Feat is a 70s flavored psychedelic/hard rock band from Athens, Greece

listen to the whole album here:

save the pretence for the other side
pretty baby, don't you tell me, tell me no lies
I wanna know about a thing or two
and I'm gonna take me back to school

all the afterthoughts are burning still
and when I see you, you're stirring the wheel
leave the message for the great divide
I'm gonna push your habits to the side

think I saw you with another man
send a message to the gossip-girl-Dan
wanna keep me in the afterglow
I'm gonna kiss your face xoxo

pushing the martyrs and taking them back to the zoo
there's blood in your nostrils, you reached for the secret too soon
all of the others have prayed for the spirit to dive
don't be so scattered, the answer will come when you die

save the pretence for the other side
love you baby, don't you tell me no lies
got a thing for the sinister show
I'm gonna kiss your face xoxo

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