[Videotheque] Cherrybeats - 1000 Yard Stare

Cherrybeats is heavy rock band from Switzerland that play a rough mix of heavy rock and grunge with a quite groovy and of course rock'n'roll mood and attitude. Back in March they've released the EP 'Bleeding 48' (scroll at the bottom to listen) and a few days ago they created a video for the opener song "1000 Yard Stare" which we are very happy to present you here.

band bio:
The band CHERRYBEATS was founded by bassplayer René Zgraggen and toured successfully between 2003 and 2005 as a Nirvana tribute band through the local clubs of Switzerland. When Luke Fröhlicher took over the Micro-Scepter at the end of 2006, his own, unmistakably wild sound soon developed, which was quickly notorious for its infernal stage presence.
From then on, the guys wrote "Dirty, Rough and Loud" on their flag and since then the flag has been held firmly against the mainstream with the Cherrybeats-typical dirtrock sound. In 2011 the first EP "Goodbye Utopia" was released, which according to a Metalfactory review as a soundtrack "fits perfect to throw Molotov cocktails"....
On August 1, 2019, the long-awaited second EP "Everithing in Pieces" by the four charismatic gentlemen from the northwest of the Swiss alps was released. "CHERRYBEATS delivers a performance full of drunken frenzy being the equivalent of fat black marker circling the madness of today’s existence. As disturbing as this sounds, this might just be the last great adventure in a desert ground down by constant mainstream winds."
To the beginning of the corona pandemic in march 2020 the third EP "Bleeding 48" was digitally released on Friday the thirteenth. The new sound is the quintessence of a wild ride through the rock genres. The recipe is simple: Everything to 11 and this as fat as possible. In addition profound lyrics and the whole thing well mixed with a lot of groove. Finally, a little pinch of scraps and finito!


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