[Quick Fixes] Cosmic Triggers - Psychostasia

 Cosmic Triggers - Psychostasia cover artwork
Mark my words: by the time the 2nd song of this 2-track-EP reaches its end not only you will be craving for more but you will be playing it repeatedly at least 5 more times!

Imagine the 2 songs of  'Psychostasia' as two shots of a psychedelic space potion; the first one will skyrocket you in orbit around earth to give you a nice panoramic view of our "pale blue dot", and just as the second one finds its way down your throat you will be having a kinky trip around the solar system ending up circling the sun.

Cosmic Triggers, the quintet from Saint-Petersburg, Russia prove themselves masters at blending sturdy, kraut-ish repetitive forms and hypnotizing circular rhythms with pure space rock and a kind of shamanic psychedelia in which the otherworldly vocals play an essential role together with the mesmerizing organ melodies that swirl in your mind as they twirl together with the liquid guitar melodies.
Do I need to say more to convince you? This is your Quick Fix for today!
Dig in and thank me later ;-)

Scroll lower & click play...

Recorded at Oxygen Studio
Recording & mixing: Sergey Zhulkov
band's quote:
We were born outer space.
Then began to play music.
Recently we've been traveling around the Sun.
Comic Triggers is:
Anastasia Skabelkina - vocal, electric organ
Vladimir Skabelkin - guitar
Vladimir Kolbin - guitar
Russel Petrov - drums
Tagir Khisamov - bass
comisc triggers band photo

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