[Quick Fixes] Rafael Denardi - Two Handfuls of Rock

Rafael Denardi - Two Handfuls of Rock
Rafael Denardi is a 28 year old musician and multi-instrumentalist from São Paulo, Brazil that has been recording stuff on his own for years. Recently he had a sort of "pre-thirty crisis" 😁 and made some decisions among which one was to take things a little more seriously and folow a more 'professional' way regarding his steps in music and especially the recording procedure. And that's how "Two Handfuls of Rock" was actually born.

Two Handfuls of Rock is a 6-track EP with hard rock'n'roll attitude and with an emphasis on the rock'n'roll part. No, this isn't another 'stoner' release of another die-hard Sabbath fan 😋 It's actually nowhere close to all this stoner 'fad'. The song themes are quite fast and rolling so nicely, in a way that, I've got a feeling, a lot of bands would desire for their debuts, and this guy managed it all by himself: songwriting, singing and playing all the instruments (except for keyboards in the track "I'm Old, I'm Old", performed by Rafael Dantas). Honestly if nobody ever told me that this is a one man project I could swear there is a band behind this release.
Drawing influence from a bunch of contemporary bands (of the 90s & 00s) while keeping a sort of classic touch he doesn't seem to follow any of the current trends nor trying to be original just for the sake of it. And that's what makes this EP a tasty rock'n'roll release that lacks neither energy nor vividness; in the contrary it is full of scorching basslines, fast-paced guitars, unorthodox drums and hard vocals. 
I don't know if it would be an easy task for Rafael to find musicians in his area to join him and colaborate in such a project but I strongly believe it's worth trying to. Seeing one person so skilled and devoted to the cause producing such a work makes me want to tell him "great job! Go on!". This was the first SOLID step. I really wish and hope that we'll soon see the next one, it doesn't have to be too soon, as long as it is as solid as this one. 
Good luck to everything you decide to do next Rafael!

stream the album below and scroll lower for more info provided by Rafael himself 

Rafael Denardi photo

This EP emerges as the result of a fever dream in which Rafael went through the darkest and most haunting corners of his subconscious and finally realized he's about to turn 30 and it was about time he released some of his songs properly.
Recorded in his "Studio loft" or, as he calls it "small box with bed and toilet inside", all songs and instruments (except for keyboards in the track "I'm Old, I'm Old", performed by the awesome keyboardist and fellow bass enthusiast Rafael Dantas) were composed and performed by him between September and December '19.

Album artwork: Rafaela Barros
Mixing and mastering: Robert Silva
Keyboard in track 4 arranged and performed by: Rafael Dantas
Vocals recorded at: Canto Urbano

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