[News] KEMEROV - Black Right Hands / Anti-Hero Tights

Premiere for Kemerov's brand new single "Black Right Hands / Anti-Hero Tights" with the song Black Right Hands! Listen to it above, through Kemerov's official channel.
You can also listen to both tracks of the single below.
The single is available on 7" vinyl now at https://kemerov.bandcamp.com/ or via the labels that are coreleasing this single:
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The lyrics of the song Black Right Hands are inspired by Chrysostomos Tsaprailis' short story "Μα το Δεξί Χέρι θα Παραμείνει Μαύρο (But the Right Hand will Remain Black)", included in his book "Παγανιστικές Δοξασίες στη Θεσσαλική Επαρχία (Pagan Beliefs in the Thessalian County)". Scroll lower to read the lyrics.

Black Right Hand lyrics
Beyond the village lights
Each night be sure to gripe
Tight in your palm the ring
Blackened in May's fire

Oh hear the tinker's pot
With the names of dirt's gods
Wherein's summoned the fever
That breathes with the frost

The hands shall remain black

The stone bridge workers
The warning, they didn't obey
"You shall not sit to rest
Under the fig tree's cursed shade"

They woke up into the night
Right fingers paralyzed
Like they had been worked
Inside the Devil's own fire

Through the small fire
Within the bridge's base
A huge hand moves and pounds
In the innards of the earth

Your salvation lies
With the wandering black man
Who shepherds his huge florins
And makes the Old Ones shake

The florins, they are nurtured
By creatures behind mirrors
That left the hand behind
On to the graves they're due for

Anti-Hero Tights Lyrics
Be careful what you wish
You might just get it on your face
Justice ought to be ruthless

So give it some good thought
Before you summon me tonight
I don't play well with others

Always to the rescue
No innocents will die
Bad guys are finished
Burned by my lazer sight
I just need one damn minute
To put on my anti-hero tights

Nothing sugarcoated
You get no comfort hugs
And no condescending talks

Call me whatever you want
As long as you understand
You're opening a can of worms

Matt Karampalios voice, percussion
Spiros Diamantidis bass
Tasos Diamantidis drums
Giorgos Lezkidis guitars
"Black Right Hands" written by Kemerov
"Anti-Hero Tights" written by Kemerov & Emmanouil Hermano Tselepis

produced by Kemerov & Emmanouil Hermano Tselepis
recorded in August-September 2019
drums & vocals recorded at Steve's studio by Steve Dickins
guitars & bass recorded at Ironcastle studio
additional guitars recorded & performed by Emmanouil Hermano Tselepis
backing vocals by Victor
mixed by Emmanouil Hermano Tselepis
mastered at Shellac Recordings studio by Kostas Fragkopoulos original artwork by Mary Kateri
additional artwork and layout design by Nikos Tsiolis

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KEMEROV - Black Right Hands / Anti-Hero Tights

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