[Videotheque] Battle City - Press Start/Battle City

We are very happy to premiere the first ever video of Battle City from Cape Town, South Africa, for "Press Start/Battle City" which are the first two tracks of their upcoming debut album "Press Start".

BATTLE CITY is a two-piece instrumental rock band from Cape Town (South Africa) that recently finished the producition of their debut album "Press Start" which is set for release on 6th March.
The band was founded on the principles of video games and metal. The band started as a project to prioritise creative playing over precision. Songs are written haphazardly, spontaneously and often. BATTLE CITY's first release “Press Start” plays out like the perfect accompaniment to a boss battle on your favourite Sega game.
“Press Start” was recorded in one day at Digital Forest Studios. The guitar and bass signal come simultaneously from one guitar, recorded live along with the drums.
Battle City is:
 - Stian “Lightning Fingers Van Tonder” Maritz - Guitar/Bass
 - Wayne “Thunder Flakes” Hendrikz - Drums
- Release Date: 6th March 2020
- Format: Digital
- Genre: instrument heavy rock
- Publicist: Plug Music Agency

watch it on blogger (720p)

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