[Videotheque] Nubosidad Parcial - Asciende

This is a video by the Chilean band Nubosidad Parcial for their song 'Asciende'. The song is included in the album 'Latitudes' which was released in April 2019.

Asciende means ascend or elevate and by the video one can clearly understand to what it is referring to. For some reason the band hasn't provided any lyrics and it would really be interesting to know what exactly the song says. We love their music anyway, and if you too enjoy some alternative feeling with a psychedelic touch then click play and then visit the bands official bandcamp page to listen to the rest of the album which is actually pretty neat.
update/edit: The band sent us the lyrics and they are available at the bottom of this post ;-)

Directed by: Oscar Gonzalez Terán
Production: Luis Vergara Contreras

Production assistants:  Santiago Cordova, Claudio Hirmas, Nicolas Bustamante, Francisco Lillo
Camera: Carlos Vial
Camera assistant: Lucas García
Makeup: Magdalena Telias
Making Off: Daniel Lara, Danilo Valenzuela

Starring actor: Marcial Edwards
Extras: Yanara Zahri, Andres Hunher, Juan Pablo Gutierrez

Thanks to: Teresa Contreras, Romina Pacheco, Felipe Zuñiga, Fernando Liberona, Sinestesia Producciones, Capitan Films.

Recorde in Estudios Lautaro by Pablo Giadach
Mastered by Jack Endino

Me voy olvidando, olvidando de quien soy.
Fumando, fumando en el humo me fui quedando.

La algarabia de un viejo amanecer se me está olvidando.
Esa alegria que un día se prometió
Nos está penando.
Asciende para romper lo subliminal.

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