[Suggestion] Six Steps Above the Earth - Step 5

Six Steps Above the Earth - Step 5
This is the fifth step of 'Six Steps Above the Earth'. A step closer towards that dark and solitary underground place they continuously seek. Heavier, slower, even more minimal and dark, steadily lonely but never self-centered just serving a single basic idea.
Six Steps Above the Earth never claimed they're doing something original nor they tried to pretend they're trying to be original. They started their six step journey with improvisation as a 'guide' promising (to their selves perhaps?) tο keep their music inside the dark boundaries of heavy, doom-drone, doom-gaze but still leaving a huge space for experimentation which is clear from the fact that every Step has an identity of its own and each one contains crucial elements that differentiates one from the other.
I don't know if it is just my impression or it is a pattern they chose to follow but I have the feeling that in every step they were somehow aiming at using simpler 'motifs' or generally trying to be more minimal each time.
Obviously the 5th step is the most distinct and most minimal of all and the one that is based mostly in repetition and in creating a dark, gloomy ambience as if there is a kind of mourning for something however both parts of Step-5 strangely seem to hide great power inside which it doesn't surface but it lingers below and even if you can't see it you can feel its presence, you can feel the awe.
Step 5 was recorded in  Magnanimous Recording Studio by Nik Logiotatidis with the assistance of Asterios Partalios and tt will be available in a limited cassette tape edition (20 pieces). The artwork was made by Putrefurnaced Guerrilla Graphics. Check photos below

band's quote:
Six Steps Above the Earth is the means to express our everyday emotions having as main 'tool' the heavy, slow and monotonous sound. The paths we usually follow are those of Doom, Drone and Doomgaze and in every release we try to add something different either by exploring new sounds or by collaborating with other musicians.

Six Steps Above the Earth - Step 5 Putrefurnaced Guerrilla Graphics artwork Six Steps Above the Earth - Step 5 Putrefurnaced Guerrilla Graphics artwork

Gallo Baritone Guitar, Noises
mαKiς Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Magnanimous Recording Studio
by Nik Logiotatidis, Assistant engineer: Asterios Partalios
Artwork by Putrefurnaced Guerrilla Graphics

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