[Review] Jalayan - Sonic Drive

Jalayan - Sonic Drive
Jalayan” is a fairly new project created by four Italian musicians based in Milan. Then band was formed in 2017 and after two years of work they managed, to create a debut album (scheduled for release 1st November 2019) with the title "Sonic Drive", and as the band states: "the album is inspired by ancient mythology".

Jalayan's music has a clear psychedelic orientation but with a strong touch of progressive as well as ethinc/folk and lots of electronic elements. One could easily detect in Jalayan's music the tremendous impact and influence of Ozric Tentacles' legacy and the band itself states that along with Gong and Steve Hillage they were their major influences; but also one could easily see a great resemblence with contemporary bands like Hidria Spacefolk, Quantum Fantay, Spiralmaze, Soundtrap etc.

If you were a fan of the above bands you now have a clue on what to expect from Jalayan's debut album.  It's a fact though that the Italian quartet take their sound a few steps further and deeper into space-psychedelia combining whirling electronic and video-game-like sounds, with ethereal guitaristic space-rock passages and tons of ethnic rhythms that quarantee to take you to a trip around the galaxy while keeping an 'earthly' connection with the ancient civilizations' mysticism.

One amazing thing about "Sonic Drive" is that its long duration (51:27) isn't at all a drawback, in the contrary it feels like if it was shorter it wouldn't be enough! The whole album has an incredible flow, at least for the listener that wants to sink into the trance atmosphere that Jalayan create. And Jalayan's aim is to help the listener feel a deeper communion with the universe, to help him sink into his own soul and look at it from the inside out, to lead him closer to the expansion of his consciousness and understand that reality lies beyond what one can perceive and music is the means to understand it. 

Does that sound as an exaggeration? It's for you to decide... Give it a listen below

Jalayan are:
Alessio Malatesta keys
Matteo Chiappa bass
Vincenzo Calvano guitar
Dario Marchetti drums

Jalayan - Sonic Drive CD artwork Jalayan - Sonic Drive CD artwork Jalayan - Sonic Drive CD artwork Jalayan - Sonic Drive CD artwork
Jalayan logo, band photo

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