[Videotheque] Domadora - Volcano Sessions #5, Part-1 (live)

Last August, Domadora played a live gig in a special place in France, the whole performance which also included some psychedlic projections, was captured in video and it's going to be released in 5 parts under the title 'Volcano Sessions'.
This is part 1 of that session and we are very happy to present it to you.

Volcano Sessions produced by Black Owl
Filmed by Louis Gaston & Angel Paterna
Recorded by David & Quentin - Ambouch Studio
Enlightened by Florent Michaud
Psychedelic Projections by Pierre-Henri Laprée aka "Pitch" for Liquid Nebula
Stage Roadies : Geoffrey and Guerric
Mixed by Brice Chandler

watch in on blogger (720p)

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