[Suggestion] TUNKS - Julio's walls shake

TUNKS - Julio's walls shake
This is the debut album of the instrumental heavy rock trio named TUNKS. The band is based in Bordeaux, France and last spring (1st April 2019) released "Julio's walls shake"
The band seems somehow inspired by the legacy of Karma to Burn and they follow a quite groovy approach in their compositions. The whole album could easily be your soundtrack while driving long distances in the highway, especially during a summer noon or sundown as it also embeds several desert-rock elements but it is also fast, fuzzy and heavy enough to keep your attention.

Enjoy it below and you'll never regret pressing 'play' ;-)

- Artist: TUNKS
- Release title: Julio's walls shake
- Type of Release: debut album
- Band Origin: Bordeaux, FRANCE
- Genre: instrumental heavy rock
- Release Date: 1 April  2019

TUNKS are:
Nico bass 
Bertrand drums

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