[Quick Fixes] Vradypus - Sloth to Slay

Vradypus band logo
Vradypus is a newly formed band from Athens, Greece. They are currently working on their debut release and a few days ago they uploaded in their bandcamp page their first single 'Sloth to Slay'.

Only by their name [Vradypus: from Ancient Greek βραδύς (vradis=“slow”)+πούς (pous=“foot”)].  one could somehow guess where approximately the sound of the band could be oriented.

The band tagged itself as doom/sludge/metal and that's quite accurate judging from the sound of this single while we couldn't help but noticing that there is a touch of post-metal as well. Katerina's vocals are doomy and ethereal and at times they change to grunt and brutal which along with the slow heavy music justify the sludge tag. We're eager for the debut album which hopefully will soon be ready!
Enjoy the song below and scroll lower for the lyrics.

 band's quote:
Coming from Athens, Vradypus will turn every human into a slow, heavy, animalistic listener.
Vradypus is:
Chris drums
Kostas guitars
Katerina vocals
Dionisis bass

You breathe guilt
You reek wrath and grief
You'll feel our fear flood your brain
You'll hear our fear sound your end

Go forth, wield your pain
Engrave all your loathing on me
A scene so tame, my eyes are gone
No human in sight, what you've become

You're bogging down in your muck
As your roaming life withers away
You've trapped in a whirl of angst
Doubt lies in wait
Dread's looming ahead
Do you dare to give in to the pangs of death

(Go) And say your last prayers
As you fall down the well
For all these moments of fray
Today we'll cry free

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