[Videotheque] Casual Nun - Stripes

About two weeks ago Casual Nun, the noise rock quartet from London, UK gave in public its brand new video for the track "Stripes" which was included in their 2017 release 'Psychometric Testing By​.​.​.' (released by Box Records).

band's own description:
pineal-poking punked-up psychedelic speedfreakery
Casual Nun band photo
Photo by Emma Falconer
about the album:
Psychometrics are used to gauge and influence in a world where information digestion has moved increasingly towards social messaging. The ability of organisations and entities to use psychometric data to build a psychological profile of a person is an alarming manipulation of our personalities, aptitudes and desires. With that in mind, ‘Psychometric Testing By…’ sees Casual Nun embracing a more improvisational approach, with the entirety of the recording created in Wayne Adams’(Shitwife/Death Pedals) Bear Bites Horse studio during the same session that produced their first LP ‘Super Fancy Skeleton’ .

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