[Suggestion] Vain Valkyries - Party on Deimos

Vain Valkyries - Party on Deimos
Two brothers from France: a guitarist & a drummer, heavy rock & metal attitude, tons of groove, alternative, and radio-friendly aesthetics, full of 90s influences.
This is Vain Valkyries and the 5-track EP 'Party on Deimos' is the band's firs ever release. Mixing all of their influences those two brothers, Ian and Simon Debeerst have created something special that one could not easily be expecting from a two-piece band. Their groove is massive and really astonishing considering the lack of a bass player.
 Their sound is a crossover mix of metal, garage, heavy rock as well as pop and alternative especially regarding the vocal part where they both sing. The recordings as well as the mixing, mastering etc were done by the btothers themselves in a total DIY approach down in their garage where they usually rehearse.

Enjoy a wonderful debut from a band that we really hope that will continue on the path it just started to walk.

Vain Valkyries

more info:
Guitar & Vocals: Ian Debeerst
Drums & Vocals: Simon Debeerst
Songs and lyrics by Ian Debeerst
Recorded (in the garage) and produced by Vain Valkyries
Mixed and mastered by Ian Debeerst

the band's words:
This EP is a totally independant and DIY product.
Vain Valkyries is a 2-piece band formed by 2 brothers from France. We play a massive
rock/garage metal with down tunings and big 90s influences. We love QOTSA, Soundgarden, The Mars Volta, Mutoid Man, Mars Red Sky.

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