[Videotheque] The Progerians - Destitute

The Progerians from Belgium have scheduled their new album's official release for 25th May, 2019 and for its promotion they created a video for the song "Destitute" which is included in their upcoming album "Crush the wise men who refuse to submit".

Watch it above through their official youtube channel or scroll lower to watch it on blogger in 720p. At the bottom of this post you can find the lyrics as well.

Note: A few days ago we also had an interview with the band, you can read it it here.

watch in 720p:

Fast tracked greedy and giving
You never grasp what’s feeding the living
Disintegrated reaching the wall
Your snake eyes fit for all
Just ignore the signs, that’s all
If your nightmares are real
Before you touch and feel
Dust off your eyes and prepare for the fall

No soul to guide you home
Fear of living is all you needed

Of course, it’s treason
Forged back in the hell of believing
From myself to yours
Find another and steal the cure
Now you can convince the dead

No soul to guide you home
Fear of living is all you needed

the progerians band logo The Progerians band photo

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